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    Brilliant Coloring Without Compromise: New Masterbatch Carrier System for High-performance Polymer PPA

    Karlstein/Germany, May 2024 – PPAX is a new color masterbatch carrier system from Tosaf Color Service which is based on the high-performance polymer PPA (polyphthalamide) and whose specially selected pigments allow high processing temperatures. This makes it possible to color products made from it in many different bright colors without affecting this material’s special properties. Unlike PA66-based masterbatches, which are often used as an alternative for cost reasons, the high thermal stability, very good strength, stiffness and toughness values, low moisture absorption and high chemical resistance are also retained in colored injection moldings. All 28 standard stock RAL colors in the PPAX product range can be laser marked and provide a high-contrast color change.

    Processors using PPAX can take advantage of the high melt temperatures possible with PPA, for example to shorten cycle times, without being limited by the color masterbatch. Testing carried out by Tosaf Color Service at processing temperatures of up to 340°C yielded outstanding results. Even higher temperatures are possible, but must first be confirmed by the processor’s own testing. PPAX-colored samples have demonstrated their high lightfastness and weather resistance. All the colors combine elevated long-term thermal stability with an ability to withstand transient exposure to very high temperatures, for example during soldering.

    As Rudolf Reinhart, Product Manager at Tosaf Color Service, explains: “PPAX enables us to meet the requirements of industries in which electrical and electronic components are exposed to high thermal loads. These include, in particular, the automotive industry with its focus on e-mobility, as well as manufacturers of kitchen appliances and white goods, which require color-coded plug connectors for a wide range of electrical outlets. This new high-temperature carrier system with its 28 standard colors makes it possible to prepare virtually any conceivable shade and so, of course, also match a manufacturer’s brand colors.”

    And Sales Manager Andreas Kruschinski adds: “The market for such high-performance products is actually still quite limited at the moment. All the same, we have deliberately pushed ahead with this development at the present time because we can see that our customers’ requirements in the E+E sector are increasing, as is demand. To round off, a UL94 V-0 rating is also imminent, so we’ll be able to meet the widest possible range of requirements.”

    Tosaf Color Service is a pioneer in the field of masterbatches and has been developing innovative products and services in plastics coloring since 1970. Its broad range of products covers standard colors, additives and combination solutions that meet not only all kinds of customized color requirements but also satisfy the related functional challenges. Tosaf Color Service is a subsidiary company of Tosaf.

    For over three decades, Tosaf ( has been developing and manufacturing high quality additives, compounds and color masterbatches for the plastics industry. With the aim of providing for its customers’ every need, it has continuously grown and developed its offering, production capacity, and global reach, becoming a global organization which is truly close to the market. Servicing customers in over 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East, Tosaf has over 1400 employees spread throughout its production sites, warehouses, sales and distribution offices around the world.

    Further information:

    Andreas Kruschinski, Color Service GmbH & Co. KG
    Am Mittelberg 3, D-63791 Karlstein (Germany) –
    Phone: +49 (0) 172 3795482, Email: [email protected]